Honor Roll

Old photo of the Tetons found in the Rudd building.

The Exum History Project would not be what it is without the generous and enthusiastic financial support of the wonderful people listed here:

Donated in Nov/Dec 2021, to support the digitization of interview tapes in the Grand Teton National Park archives:

  • Bethanie Hart
  • Christian Santelices
  • Jane Gallie
  • Jeff Foott
  • Jim Williams
  • John Faraci
  • John Townsend
  • Lewis Hicks
  • Louise Geil
  • Mike Friedman
  • Rod Newcomb
  • Tom Bennett

Donated in Jan/Feb 2022, to support the digitization of the interview tapes and the scanning of old Exum files:

  • Annie Coleman
  • Bill Briggs
  • Bob McLaurin
  • Bruce Hodgkins
  • Christian Santelices*
  • Cyndi Hargis
  • Cynthia Anderson
  • Dick Dorworth
  • Ian Havlick
  • Jack Tackle
  • Jane Gallie*
  • Jim LaTorre
  • Kim Springer
  • Louise Geil*
  • Martha Feagin
  • Michelle Leber
  • Mike Friedman*
  • Muffy Moore
  • Peter Lev
  • Philip Kollas
  • Troy Duckels

* = Second donation!

Donated between Mar 2022-Apr 2023, to support the scanning and data entry of the old Exum files:

  • Bob Irvine
  • Cornell DeWitt
  • Cynthia Anderson*
  • Dave Dornan
  • Deborah Bradford
  • Ed Exum
  • Forrest McCarthy
  • Jack Turner
  • Jes Meiris
  • Marci Satterfield (in memory of Chuck Satterfield, Exum guide in the 1970s)
  • Mark Newcomb
  • Mary Schmidt
  • Suna Kneisley* (computer and scanner donations)
  • Susan (& Al) Read* (twice, the 2nd time in honor of Baloo’s 5th birthday)
  • Tim Brown
  • Will Bassett

* = Second donation!

Donated since May 2023 to support scanning, data entry, digitization and other professional services:

  • Bob Irvine
  • Dale Hahn
  • Jack Tackle
  • Jeannette LaFors
  • John Faraci*
  • Smith Maddrey
  • Tracy Faber
  • Wes Bunch

* = Second donation!

If you’d like to see your name on this page, the GoFundMe campaign is ongoing: gofundme.com/f/support-the-exum-history-project

Checks, etc are also accepted – contact Dr. Geil for details.

Donations are not tax-deductible, but are hugely appreciated!